How to become a successful event promoter by @jabulani_cindi

How to become a successful event promoter by @jabulani_cindi

The best business advice anyone ever gave me was “Fxck the middle man” Which, surprisingly enough, is also the best marketing strategy in the known world.

As an event promoter your really just a sales person, ultimately selling a lifestyle which is the easiest thing to sell and also the hardest thing to sell if you don’t understand what your selling. And make no mistake what your selling is a lifestyle. So basically, in its simplest form, an event promoter has to be a genius in marketing and branding and the easiest, cheapest most reliable way to do that is to create a loyal following and monetising that following and Boom that’s it, your a successful event promoter.

The best way to create a following which is also the cheapest way, is to go to the events and places that you actually like going to and making sure you invite as many friends as you can to that event that you like going too, ACTUALLY having some fun with those people you invited, document the shxt out of that experience using your phone (social networks) and doing that again and again and again in fact do that forever until you die.

Which leads to the second best advice I ever received in my life here on this wonderful place called Earth. “If money makes the world go round, keep your receipts”. Basically follow up on the people you party with, every post from that party you were at with your friends that you invited, you better be commenting like a motherfxcka, “LOL” The shxt out of those pics and comments and make sure you let your friends know about the next party your interested in going to.

Do that shxt until the next party you and your friends are going too is YOUR party and make sure your friends are taken care of. Do that so many times that your friends who weren’t at your party feel guilty and they end up talking about how much they missed your party and that there definitely gonna be at the next one and when they arrive ACTUALLY throw a dope party that they’ll ACTUALLY have fun at. No need for Facebook promotion, or Instagram promotion or all that bullshxt that waists your data, money and time.

Be authentic, be genuine, be consistent make sure that taking care of people is really what you and your team mates want to do and also keep it Kasi, throwing parties in the hood are usually cheaper, and less

police, less parking tickets and the neighbours won’t mind either plus the local neighbourhood economy could always do with a bit of a boost. Stay up to date on the parties you like going too via and share the parties you like going to on as many platforms as possible and don’t forget to comment and hashtag the shxt outta those pics from the previous parties. There you have it. Your welcome. 


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